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RESISTOTECH Industries Pvt. Ltd.

One of fastest growing and largestfluoro polymer processor having in depth knowledge of processing and application, we are team of Engineers managing professionally for smooth operation on quality and delivery commitment to our valued customers. 
Valuable partner for corrosive media handling industryto provide standardized lined piping systems andcritical customized products to solvecorrosion related problems.


Selling engineered technology products at most competitive prices to support valuable customers for completing their project at budget cost and running trouble free operations.


To become world leader in field we choose with highest level of customer satisfaction

  • Manufacturing capabilities

    Our main capabilities are to manufacture 25 NB to 1250 NB PTFE liners(virgin and antistatic) in various thickness as per application (lined piping, vacuum piping, columns and tanks)

    Existing Technologies Available


    PTFE Liners for Piping system, Column, Vessels and Tanks – Size 25 DN (1”) to 1250 DN (50”)


    PFA/FEP/PVDF/PP lining for Tee / Reducers / Valves and odd shape – Size 250 DN (10”)


    PFA/FEP/PVDF/PP lining for Tee / Reducers / Valves and odd shape – Size – 600 DN (24”)


    Proposed Technologies


    PTFE lining for Tee/Reducers/Valve components /Nozzles and odd components


    PFA / PTFE lining


  • Testing Capabilities
    • Polymer density and other properties testing
    • Liner testing: - Tensile and elongation o UTM, Boroscope for internal defects and black spots, Light test for hair cracks, Roller test for liner checks for deformation
    • Dimension checks facility for liners and fabrication
    • Hydraulic Test: - piping as per ASTM F 1545 @ 29Bar, Equipment @ 1.5 times of design pressure, Bellows: - @ 12 Bar, Valves: - @ 7 Bar valves seat
    • Spark Tester – @ 10 KVA as per ASTM F 1545 or maximum @ 25 KVA as per customer demand
    • Vacuum Pump – @ 760mm of Hg
  • Services and support

    Site pipe line measurement, Isometric preparation, Bill of quantity working from Isometric if provided,
    Supply, Installation support / Supervision, Relining of piping

    • Site measurements
    • Isometric preparation assistance
    • Commissioning and installation with supervision
    • Process analysis and material recommendation
    • Offering justifiable solutions to all corrosion related issues
  • Quality Policy

    RESISTOTECH Industries Private Limited is committed to provide highestQuality of products and services by confirming the required international standard.

    We will accomplish highest level of customer satisfaction by continual Improvement in QMS, by enhancing skills of all our employees and fulfilling customer Requirements.

    We shall achieve leadership in international market for products we deal in through timely delivery of quality products, services and technical solutions for most critical applications at competitive prices with commitment of longest product life using right specified materials,

  • Our Philosophy

    RESISTOTECH believes in worshiping customers like as lord,

    We make awareness to use right technical specified material for better quality and longest life of product than making loss of man, machine and money,We impart highest technical solutions at most competitive pricing with well qualified team members to understand and implement, We keep transparency in all dealing with mindset of “money can be earned any moment of life however customer lost once due to negligence of any issues cannot be earned or recovered lifetime”,

  • Success Story

    Our passion to provide technical solutions,boost us to grow at faster and stabilized by overcoming all failures, hurdle, ups down we faced on our path,

    Achievement / Development

    It is continuous process to be ahead by developing products within stipulated time to support industry with techno commercial solutions toget backtheir return of investments in minimal time,

    Having dedicated technocrat engineers, we have achieved few mile stones at much faster growth rate in short span of time as mentioned hereunder,

    • PTFE Liners from 25 DN – 300 DN in 6400 mm and above all sizes in 3300 mm length as maximum,
    • Vacuum piping from 25 DN to 300 DN with high duty thick liners and different lining process,
    • Equipment with multi nozzles withstands against full vacuum,
    • All sizes 90 Deg Elbows in single piece construction as per B 16.5 dimensions in #150 / 300, PN DIN dimensions,
    • PTFE Bellows 25 DN – 1200 DN in standard 2- 3- 5 - 7 convolution to1000 mm lengths,



    • ISO 9001-2015
    • FDA
    • CFTRI